The 10 Best PDF To Word Converter With Free Download Link

The demand to convert PDF’s into an editable word document has been on the rise(see this review article). This is because word documents are the most preferred way to receive docs for the purposes of editing in future. Both the DOCX and the PDFs are common files users use in reading documents. Notably, the PDF doesn’t allow editing of the document. People often look for the good PDF to Word converting software in order to support editing.

Users looking for the best software require to read this article in order to know more about the features these programs have and why they should pick a certain software and leave the other. If you have a windows PC, you might have noted that the Microsoft Word supports the PDF to Word conversions though with a lot of limitations. In this case, check out our top picks of the software you should use today!

Solid PDF to Word Converter

SolidDocuments pdf_1

Choosing the right PDF to Word converting software you need to focus on the end-product of the conversion. In such a case, a software with the best features always has an upper hand in delivering quality output.

The Solid PDF to Word Converter not only offers the PDF to DOCX conversion but also to XLS and PPTs. If your document includes texts and graphs, the solid PDF to Word converter should be the application to go for. It’s an efficient software especially when you use the paid version. The free version is also a good version though it has some limited features and adds watermarks on the output docs.


  • Simple to use
  • Offers both PDF to DOCX conversion among other conversions


  • Requires a lot of money to purchase

WPS PDF to Word Converter


The WPS converting software is a renowned software to smartphone users. Our review comes with a concrete reason why this software is among the top PDF to Word converting app. Whether you want to edit the information on the PDF or convert the PDF into a Doc file, the WPS PDF converter supports them all. It’s a simple-to-use application and comes with other functionalities you can never find in other apps. The high quality results of the conversion are maintained hence as a client your happiness is maintained.


  • High quality conversions is maintained


  • Users find the premium version expensive to subscribe

TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper pdf converter

Every PDF to Word converter strives to compete with the TalkHelper PDF to Word converting software. This is because of the efficient tools, maintenance of original standard of the document as well as the easiness to use the software.

This software concentrates in ensuring the images come out as they are, the fonts are in good shape and the formatting is on top of the game. In our article, we can broadly recommend users to download the free trial to affirm why we choose the TalkHelper PDF converter as the software to go for.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Very efficient in the PDF to DOCX conversion
  • Comes with the bookmark feature


  • Not recommendable for large files because it takes time to load them

UniPDF to Word Converter


For all keen observers, they will all agree that UNIPDF Converter is almost the only program that will offer what other software that define as premium services at pocket friendly prices. With the UNIPDF Converter, the user has nothing to worry about with file size restrictions as it allows any file size conversion.

Over the recent years, download of this software has been increasingly steadily hence contributing to the reason why we proposed this software among the top PDF to DOCX converting software. When we look at the reviews from other users, they never fail to give a positive feedback of the quality output about the software.


  • The PDF to doc conversion ensures the images are accurate


  • The app can only offer 3-page PDF to DOCX conversion
  • Loses the format of the text easily

Nitro PDF to Word Converter


With the NitroPro PDF to Word Converter running from your Windows device, it is then safe for the user to claim that they are working with among the best PDF to Word converting software in the market. This program has been the eye of very many users over the past few years since it was first developed and its regular updates is also something to look forward to.

The features that are integrated in this converting tool can be described as rich. This is because users are guaranteed not only PDF to Word conversion but also other functionalities. One unique feature about the Nitro PDF to Word converter is that the DOCX output has no difference with the PDF. This proves that the software is robust and should be on your PC as the best PDF to Word converting software.


  • The PDF to doc conversion is faster
  • Easy to use features


  • The software is not suitable when converting huge files. The huge files can make the OCR crush.
  • Expensive if you opt to use the premium version

Pdf2Word Converter


The Pdf2word Converter is a one of a kind online converting tool that brings a whole new taste of online PDF file to DOCX conversion. The reason why we can never miss the Pdf2word converter in our list is because the program can both support the PDF to doc conversion and the doc to PDF conversion.

Besides, the conversion is secure hence there are no worries of losing the files to unknown people. The process of file conversion via this software is usually smooth and follows easy procedural steps hence adaption and learning curve is reduced. Every process undertaken from file addition to receiving output after conversion is all done online. It’s worth noting that all those that have interest in online PDF to DOCX conversion at all times opt to work with the Pdf2word converting software.


  • Top quality output
  • Supports the PDF to Word conversion among other conversion formats


  • Lean Features

Icecream Pdf Converter


The Icecream PDF to Word Converter is a reliable and very efficient converting software that gives its users a chance to convert their PDF documents into the DOCX or Doc format among other formats. This software can be downloaded at the 2.83 version and later upgraded to the PRO version.

One advantage of using the Icecream PDF to Word converter is that it does not have a limit on the file size needed to be converted. Another feature is that you can add a password on the PDF under conversion for the security of the information. If you have been looking for the best PDF to Word converting software, try out the Ice cream PDF converter and see how easy it is to work with a range of pages.


  • The security of your word documents are guaranteed
  • Ability to work with different pages at a time

Nuance Pdf Converter

A whole new experience is what is expected out of the Nuance PDF Converter with every purchase and upgrade bearing in mind on how dynamic it is and its simplicity in the process of PDF to word conversion of this great program.

The collaboration on Windows devices is also something to be sure of with this top notch PDF to Word converter running on your device. This software has a very intuitive user interface and it comes with the smart search feature that eases searching of texts of the document files. If you want the best PDF to Word converter that will ensure the security of your files is guaranteed, try out the Nuance PDF to Word Converter.


  • Top-notch output

Free Online OCR


The Free Online OCR is one powerful PDF to Word converting software. This application boasts high quality output that very few apps can deliver to users. Generally, this is a web-based app that incorporates the Optical Character Recognition in the PDF to DOCX conversion. It’s one admirable software that never sends the output via the email thus ensuring security to your files.

One thing that makes this software stand out is the ability to convert the PDF file into the Word document in a matter of seconds. This app is easily accessible through your windows PC and your smartphone.


  • Converts PDF file into Word documents within seconds
  • Can convert PDF files including the scanned DOCX.


  • Conducts one file at a time conversion

PDF Hero


Citing from its name, this PDF to Word converting software promises top-notch services and never fails. it has two versions of software namely; the web-based application and the downloadable version. This program can compress the file size of the PDF and then convert into an editable DOCX format. For users who wanted the best PDF to Word converting software which is different from the rest, then the PDF Hero should never miss on your list.


  • Able to extract a page from the PDF file and convert it
  • New updates
  • Fast during the conversion