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Once it’s possible to edit the above file, the text actually goes and is illegible and un-editable. You’d be a lot better off spending a little more money and receiving a software like Foxit PDF or Adobe Acrobat – as the saying goes. . .You get exactly what you pay for!In general, every time I use the merchandise I must jump through hoops for it to do the job. I don’t use this best PDF converter too often, if I did so, I would ditch this and find a better app. I do not recommend it. I have deskPDF Studio X, their flagship product. I had been quite anxious to find a pdf product which could make my daily work load simpler. I scan and received pdf records all day and was very hopeful when I encounter deskpdf. While the product downloaded quickly and installed without a hitchI discovered that I was unabe to use the product for one of the main reasons I bought it; to reduce large scanned documents into smaller dimensions documents for email. Upon hunting tech support, I discovered it to become non-existance. I have emailed and left messages asking this business for support rather than receive a response. If you don’t would like to devote some time rooting around in those programs to determine how they operate, don’t get this product as there’ll be NO ONE out there to assist you despite their claim of”superior support.” Huh!!!!!!! I scarcely feel compelled to garbage a product/company but those remarks are warranted.

Despite its low price, deskPDF Pro includes several high attributes: You can convert Office record annotations to PDF remarks, by way of instance, and merge multiple PDF documents, although the latter attribute is not exactly intuitive. You use it by saving a PDF with the exact same name as the document that you would like to blend the PDF right to, and the application prompts you to substitute the first file or append or”prepend” the file into the present one. The dialogue box and help centre aren’t fully clear about if”prepend” signifies that the file is going to probably be tacked onto the start of the present one (which is exactly what happens) or the reverse. Some users might prefer using a new filename for the combination, but at least the job gets done. The menu-driven approaches in PDF Converter Pro and Adobe Acrobat have the task done more inexpensively and flexibly, however.

Don’t believe the reviews that you read. DeskPDF editor/studio is not a replacement for Acrobat and also the organization is a ripoff. ONLY 1 WINDOW CAN BE OPEN AT A TIME! I’ve been looking to update my Adobe Acrobat 8 on the Mac but did not want to cover the nose to get Adobe. I saw and advertisement online from Docudesk due to their deskPDF applications which offered a money-back guarantee on their package of 3 items – deskPDF founder, editor, and exporter. The reviews seemed pretty great (4 -5 shops anywhere I appeared ), the list of companies which allegedly employed Docudesk remarkable, and $65 has been a lot less than the $112 price to update to the most recent Acrobat Pro (w/ a academic discount). DeskPDF founder is completely superfluous on Mac OS X. deskPDF exporter sounds like a good idea but I did not really try it out b/c deskPDF editor proven to be so useless. The key things I wanted to be able to do would be to re create PDF’s (highlight, remarks, etc), delete &/or harvest webpages, & merge multiple pdf’s. DeskPDF editor did make it feasible to annotate & edit a single pdf, but it has a fundamental problem because only 1 window may be open at a time, which makes combining several pdf’s extremely difficult (impossible, I admit). I could not imagine any modern piece of software acting like this, but that’s exactly what deskPDF really does (or does not quite ). Realizing that it was absolutely unsuitable & supposing that Docudesk will honor their money back guarantee, I contacted them. Zero response. My error for taking Docudesk at its term.

DeskPDF is right in the sweet spot of price to attributes – I will send a pre-press grade, password protected PDF and receive upgrades and service for under 30 bucks. Everything I need and nothing I really don’t. Additionally, I have learned from more than 1 customer that enjoys that I send a single PDF document as a proposal (composed of a coversheet, AutoCAD files, terms, etc.. .) Versus our competitors that are still sending a lot of separate files or even worse than a .zip! Desk PDF according to its internet billing appears to be a wonderful product. Unfortunately, under the wrapper, it is full of bugs. For instance, the yellow underlining appears to crop up in unexpected places. The product license file becomes corrupted. Uninstall and reinstall operates good, but license corruption is not therefore fixed. A potentially valuable attribute: being able to edit .pdf documents which have been write locked, doesn’t work always. Response from e-mail to Service is sketchy. This product features promise, but don’t purchase it yet.

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