7 Best PDF Converter on Windows

To have the top PDF Converter (click to get a FULL LICENSE for FREE) research must be done in depth. That is to prevent buyers from being exploited from unworthy software due to lack of information. The need of handling portable document formats has seen flocking of the website with a number of converters leaving purchasers in the state of the dilemma on which software to go for. Here is the list of the very best converters that you should consider when trusting your task of converting software.

Icecream PDF Converter


The market is flooded with a number of converting tools both those that work efficiently and that is ineffective when it calls for the desired roles to be played. Ice Cream PDF Converter happens to be among the few software that brags of performing work to the expectations of the user. In this field, it is the easiest to use and the best PDF Converting tool that you will ever come across. It is a versatile tool as long as converting is concerned and I can reassure anyone out there looking for a perfect software.


Ice Cream PDF Converter features four kinds of splitting modes that is “By groups of pages”, “Into files of 1 page”, “By page ranges” and finally the “Get rid of certain pages” modes. This feature is at the same interface as that of merging.

  • The drag and drop system is supported for easy conversion of files and merging is even time efficient as it is done with a few clicks on some buttons and adding of files in the programmes interface is not limited to any number.
  • The programme supports protected passwords PDDs that hides hidden content from being visible unless a correct password is inserted.

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TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper PDF Converter

The customized output settings of the incredible Talk Helper PDF converter is not anything that you come across every time when you are running a converting software. Messages of gratitude have been topping the customer reviews a true indicator that it delivers to its expectation. Most of its users will agree with me that it offers what the Talk Helper PDF Converter features say it does without any interruptions or putting much effort. For those lamenting on bad types of converters they are using, then this might be the answer to their problems. Try it out and thank me later!


  • With the amazing feature of split and merge the software allows a user to extract more than one pages from the chosen PDF file from different sections and save it a new PDF file format.
  • The Talk Helper PDF Converter features a very secure converting process as it is done from your PC without involving online services giving you the feeling of peace of mind when handling sensitive information.
  • With a few steps and clicks, the conversion is done giving you an output of not only high quality but also with the same originality as the original content.
  • Conversion to PDF is also done into multiple formats such as converting popular image formats to PDF, AutoCAD DWG files to PDFs as well, PowerPoint and popular office formats to generalise. It also converts multiple forms of files o PDF.

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Nitro PDF Converter


I always have a taste of great user interface of converting tools and the Nitro Pro PDF Converter just happens to be the best. The interface of this programme is by far a simpler to use as compared to other interfaces from other programmes. It suggests that is all about productivity and yes it is. A closer examination shows that the steps of conversion using the Nitro PDF Converter is much easier and fewer making it a contributing factor for ranking it as the best PDF Converter.


  • Unlike other converters, the Nitro PRO PDF Converter has the ability to convert many documents at once.
  • Cloud storage options feature as well. There are multiples to choose from such as DropBox, Google Drive and One Drive ensuring you can access it from anywhere.
  • Has been cooperated with top 12 major languages ensuring it delivers a little better.
  • It comes with multiple features such as the “Combine and creates” for splitting and merging files. Not only files but those with over 300 formats.
  • Works exclusively with Windows but not Mac or iOS devices.

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DeskPDF PRO Studio XE


If you have ever used this programme you will agree that its ribbon in all aspects looks like that of MS Word. Its features have been squeezed and perfectly fit at the tabs making it easy to access and use it. The Desk PDF PRO Studio XE happens to be the best converting tool in the market because of its feature of being a multi-capable app. However, it should be noted that the steps of converting are quite awkward when you get to the point when a user wants to work on a PDF file.


  • Features free hands ad mark-ups such as watermarks to ensure sensitive information and those that are classified cannot fall into wrong hands bringing reassurance of security and peace of mind.
  • Desk PDF PRO Studio XE has the ability to change font colours, styles and also highlight texts.
  • Boasts of a vast display tab that clearly shows what each click on it will function.
  • A user can merge files from different files, change the order of pages and also review edited work.
  • It can convert files into 300 different formats.
  • Possess a rich intuitive interface.

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PDFMate PDF Converter


If you are an often PDF Converter fanatic and are in desperate need of a converter that is easy to use and a software that does not need require tutorials to use and has been approved to be the best PDF converter in the market then the magical PDFMate converter is the ideal tool for you. Reason being that the icons are well illustrated. Using the Windows Operating System then don’t be misled into buying other unreliable software that is incompetent while here with you is all the other converters summarised. Check out some of its amazing features;


  • When adding files the user can first scan using the OCR before converting or use the manual technique to add files in the programme.
  • Offers security settings such as passwords protections to ensure documents are safe from unwanted access.
  • A user can load a multiple of file formats to prevent the laborious task of converting files one at a time that yet require the same output.
  • Supported by the Window Operating System.
  • Has primary features such as password protection and watermarks to ensure your security issues are sorted.
  • It doesn’t call for much space occupation from your CPU and generally does not affect the normal function of your computer.

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Wondershare PDF Converter


Saying that we will explore this software in depth in such a forum will be outrightly lying to you. The reason behind it is that it features a lot of incredible abilities. The Wondershare PDF Converter has been appreciated by their users because of the high yield it outputs.

Its editing tools are one of a kind because of their power and recognizes texts smartly and their styles. As from the features listed below t is clear that is a magical software and those who have used it can attest to that.


  • One can highlight texts that need to be emphasized as well as add shapes. Another feature that cannot go unnoticed in the marking and annotates feature is that user can add sticky notes and comments.
  • The split and merge feature allows to turn multiple files into a single PDF and individual files into a number of files.
  • To save time hyperlinks and documents can be applied to PDFs more so if they are very long.
  • The Wondershare PDF Converter supports a multiple of languages making it globally acceptable.
  • The OCR digitalised text that scans mages into editable text and documents that can be edited, change and resize pages.

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Soda PDF Converter


The features that the Soda PDF Converter brings along with it may be unbelievably amazing, this is because its developers, the LULU software have properly designed this converting tool to meet the user’s expectations. As a matter of fact, it tends to supersede its intended purpose because of its two different versions that work separately but giving high yield results. To make it suitable and user-friendly for everyone the developers have designed it with easily accessible measures and yet making it reliable. Who would not want a converting tool that can be accessed anywhere and at any given time using your smartphone or personal computer?


  • Soda PDF Converter comes with two versions, which is the Desktop Application where work is done offline once installed and running and the Online version that requires a user to upload work for conversion.
  • It features a one of a kind paper turning technology that enables a user to read in 3D and flick pages as if it was physically as that of a book.
  • Provides a secure E-signing tool that allows you as the user to track sent packages directly and recipients have no obligations of registering as they can use those services via any device.

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Looking for an appropriate tool may be for sure a tiresome work. However, the search has been brought to the end by the review of these top converters and the only work is for you to make the right decision of choosing the best PDF Converter. A user has to find the ideal software that meets the task needed to be performed.