The Top PDF To Excel Converting Software for Windows 10 (Free Download Available)

Numbers play a unique role in the modern world. The availability of PDF to Excel converters make it easier to convert anything to numbers. They’re essential tools for businesses since the information can be translated into a quantifiable form.

Finding the best software, however, isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a time-consuming process, and you’ll end up spending lots of money. However, worry not. We’re here to assist you in figuring out which software will be the best depending on your business needs.

Therefore, take a look at the software listed below. They’re the best to use on Windows, be it online or offline. Enjoy!

Cogniview PDF2XL

One reason for converting a PDF document to Excel is the ability to edit any tables available. In an institution, such software will come in handy. Cogniview is one of the few software which allows you to convert PDF documents easily.

When looking into the best PDF to Excel converter, you should consider the ability of human error eradication. When filling in some invoices, Microsoft Excel will be precise with any calculations. More so, you’re less likely to make any errors when using the software.

Cogniview is no different. Besides being able to allow you to change PDF to Excel, you also can make use of multiple languages. With this, you can convert a PDF document from any language to Excel in no time.

Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter

Spreadsheets allow you to store your data safely and keep it well organized. There are several reasons that you might need to keep some spreadsheets. Having software that can convert PDF documents to spreadsheets can be a great way of ensuring that you can easily make any changes.

With Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter, you get to have some flexible output options. That is, you can choose the specific pages that you’d like to convert and also the format that you’d like them to be in. More so, you can combine multiple PDF documents into one Excel sheet.

Likewise, the intuitive user interface makes Wondershare a viable choice. You’re able to choose between batch conversions and single PDF conversions easily. Being able to maintain the PDF format in the XLSX document is also possible with Wondershare.

iSkysoft PDF Editor

when interacting with software, the interface ought to be simple to use. iSkysoft is one of the best PDF to Excel converters that you can choose. Once you open the software, you get a familiar Excel interface. The colors make you feel like you’re used to it. Likewise, all options are visible.

If you’d like to upload a file, you can choose the “Open File” option. To convert a PDF document, click on the Convert PDF option. On the same page, you’re able to choose between merging PDF documents or using the batch process.

Before converting the PDF, you can choose to make some changes to have everything in the best format. The Comment and Edit sections allow you to make any changes that you might like. More so, like Microsoft Excel, you have the help tab which allows you to attain support for any issues that you might face.

Nitro Pro

Unlike most PDF to Excel software, Nitro is available in many forms. You can use it online or offline. The cloud support makes it seamless for you to convert files be it from your PC or the online tool. Through this, you never get to lose any progress when converting documents.

More so, you get to attain advanced security features. These allow you to lock and sign Excel documents. If the sheet you’re editing has sensitive content, you can share it securely only with the people who’ll assist you in making the changes.

Through this, you’re certain that all files are safe. Likewise, you can opt to redact information from the Excel documents. Since the interface is intuitive, you can convert PDF to Excel sheets quickly. More so, you can get to enjoy drag and drop. With this, you don’t need to know the location of your PDF files.

Adobe PDF to Excel Converter

Adobe is versatile. There is support for Windows and mobile. Therefore, you can work from your office or home. In case you have scanned tables, Adobe PDF to Excel converter can provide you with editable data. That is, you’ll only have to scan the documents to PDF and convert them to Excel.

More so, not all software will retain the format of the PDF. Adobe saves you time since it retains all the formats from the PDF. Meaning that any available tables will remain intact in the Excel document. If you don’t like the formatting, you can set it to your liking before the conversion commences.

As for cloud support, Adobe supports lots of cloud options. Some which include Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, amongst others. These allow you to store all the PDF or Excel documents online. Thus saving you some space on your PC and ensuring that the information is safe.

iLovePDF PDF To XLSX Converter


Each PDF to Excel converter will have unique features. All which make it viable depending on your needs. iLovePDF is no different. One of the unique features is PDF merging. If you have lots of PDF documents that you want in one Excel sheet, you can quickly merge them.

The same case applies for larger PDF documents. In case you want to split a document, you’ll be able to accomplish this with iLovePDF. Being able to split and merge PDFs means that you can choose the specific content that you want on the Excel Sheet.

Being an online tool, you’re able to save space on your PC since you don’t have to install it. More so, there is support for Google Drive and Dropbox. From which you can upload and download your files to. Drag and drop is another feature that’s supported with iLovePDF. A feature that lacks in most PDF to XSL converters.

Able2Extract Professional

Before converting any PDF document, you should be able to customize the content that you’d like to convert. With Able2Extract, you’re able to accomplish this easily. You get to choose the pages that you’d like to convert. Likewise, if there are different tables on the PDF, you can also choose them instead of converting the entire PDF.

Likewise, with both automatic and custom conversion options, you get the precise information that’s required in an Excel sheet. In case the PDF is poorly formatted, you can straighten everything by using Able2Extract software.

More so, there is batch support. Meaning that you can convert more than one PDF documents to Excel output. Therefore, if you have a large volume of PDFs, you’ll easily be able to convert them. Besides, with the impeccable customer support, you’re able to get aid whenever there are bugs in the software.

TalkHelper PDF Converter

As stated earlier, the interface if a PDF converter matters. This allows you to understand how you should convert PDF documents easily. With TalkHelper, you’re able to figure your way around easily. On the left-hand side, you have all the PDF conversion options.

For your PDF to Excel conversion needs, all you need to do is choose the option. After this, you can add a single file or even an entire folder. The reason being, you get to choose the content that you want to convert easily. The PDF information is readily available for you to deliberate on what you’d like to convert.

The page range allows you to choose the specific pages that you’ll convert from each PDF document. More so, batch conversion is quick and simple. You get to view the progress if every PDF document. More so, the content mode allows you to choose between the format or the editing options.