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  1. You own an iPhone and you want to transfer to a wireless carrier other than AT&T. You fall into this category even if you did not unlock your iPhone or have your iPhone disabled by an iPhone update.
  2. Your iPhone was disabled, malfunctioned, or you had third-party applications erased after you downloaded iPhone update 1.1.1.
  3. You contacted Apple to repair your iPhone and Apple refused to honor your warranty because you did any one the following: (1) unlocked your iPhone, or (2) installed a third party application.
  4. You incurred a cancellation fee from your previous wireless carrier when you transferred to AT&T’s wireless service.
  5. You purchased a third-party warranty at extra cost for your iPhone because of Apple’s released statement that it will not honor warranties on unlocked iPhones. .
  6. You incurred roaming charges while travelling abroad with your iPhone.
  7. You purchased a new iPhone because your previous iPhone was bricked.